Tree idenitification bark 1/4

Barks from American Lime to Copper Beech

bark american lime
the bark of american lime is brown and smooth, later it is fissured lengthwise.
bark apple trtee
the bark of apple tree is gray with small scales and shallow grooves
bark ash
the bark of ash is first smooth and later cracked / fissured
bark quaking aspen
the bark of quaking aspen is first silver gray and smooth, later fissured lengthwise
bark balsam poplar
the bark of balsam polar is scabby
bark beech
the bark of beech is silver-gray and smooth
bark birch
the bark of birch is white with dark grooves
bark bird cherry
the bark of bird cherry is brown-grey with lenticels
bark black chery
the bark of black cherry ist red brown wiht large lenticels
bark black locust
the bark of black locust is gray / brown and deeply cracked
barl black poplar
the bark of black poplar is first gray and smooth, later it is black brown and cracked
bark boxelder
the bark of boxelder is green brown, smooth and slightly fissured
barl carolina poplar
the bark of carolina poplar is first white and smooth, later grey brown with deep grooves
bark caucasian lime
the bark of caucasian lime is brown, smooth and later fissured lengthwise
bark cherry tree
the bark of cherry is gray to reddish brown, horizontally detaching thin bark - stripes with lenticels
bark chestnut
the bark of chestnut is gray / gray-green, first smooth, later elongated groove
bark common lime
the bark of common lime is brown and smooth, later fissured lengthwise
bark common whitebeam
the bark of common whitebeam is smooth, later cracked
bark copper beech
the bark of copper beech is silver-gray and smooth