Tree idenitification buds 2/3

Tree Buds from Indian Bean Tree to Silver Maple

horsechestnut bud
buds of horsechestnut are big, brown and sticky
indian bean tree budbuds of indian bean tree are very small placed at the old leaf scars
italian alder bud
buds of italian alder are green and roundish
katsura tree bud
buds of katsura tree are very small placed at branch extensions
large leaved lime bud
buds of large leaved lime are red and alternate arranged
lombardy poplar bud
buds of lombardy poplar are placed on branch extensions.
mountain ash bud
the buds of mountain ash are big and felty.

buds of norway maple are red and oppositely arranged
buds of oriantal plane tree
paper birch bud
buds of paper birch are small, brown and clining to branch
pear bud
buds of pear are brown and placed on a little branch extension.
pin oak bud
buds of pine oak are massed at the top.
london plane tree
terminal-buds of plane tree are red. The bud bottom is integrated in the branch
red oak bud
buds of red oak are pointed ad massed at the top of branches
ruby horeschestnut
buds of ruby horsechestnut are large and brown. On top of the branches often as pairs.
sessile oak bud
buds of sessile oak ate pointed, brown and alternate arranged.
silver maple bud
buds of silver maple are small, red and oppositely arranged.
slitted silver maple bud
buds of silver maple slitted are not different to buds of silver maple.