Tree idenitification bark 2/4

Barks from Dutch Elm to Katsura Tree

bark duch elm
the bark of dutch elm is grey - greyish green, smooth then elongated grooves

bark english oak
the bark of english oak is blackish brown with deep grooves
bark european alder
the bark of european alder is blackish brown with lenticels and later with flat scales
bark field maplethe bark of field maple is grey - brown
bark foxglove tree
the bark of foxglove tree is grey brown, cracked slightly
barl ginkgo
bark of ginkgo is greyish brown, furrowed
bark goat willow
the bark of goat willow is first smooth, later cracked grey grey to black
bark grey poplar
the bark of grey poplar is first whitish grey and smooth later barky black
bark hawthorn
the bark of hawthorn is greyish green and scaly
bark honey locust
the bark of honey locust is grey to greyish brown, furrowed, with thorns
bark hornbeam
the bark of hornbeam is smooth an grey to grey brown
bark horsechestnut
the bark of horsechestnut is brown to greyish green
bark indian bean tree
the bark of indian bean tree is greyish brown and furrowed, slightly scaly
bark italian alder
the bark of italian alder smooth, greyish green with lenticels later scaly
bark katsura tree
the bark of katsura tree is brown - green with elongated grooves