Tree idenitification buds 3/3

Buds from Small Leaved Lime to Wych Elm

small leaved lime
buds of small leaved lime are red to green and alternate arranged
sorb apple bud
buds of sorb apple are green
speckeld alder bud
buds of speckeld alder are dark red and alternate arranged
whitebeam bud
buds of whitebeam are green. Aborted fruits at the end of branches
sweetgum butterminal buds of sweetgum. A big and a small bud.
sycamore maple bud
buds of sycamore are big and green.
tree of heaven bud
buds of tree of heaven are small at large leaf scars.
tuliptree bud
buds of tulip tree are red-brown. Branches with leaf scars.
turkisk filbert bud
buds of turkish filbert are red to light brown

buds of turkish oak very small buds

walnut bud
buds of walnut very characteristic

buds of white poplar small white-felty buds
cherry budbuds of wild cherry are massed at the branch top

wingnut bud
typical axillary bud of caucasian wingnut.
wych elm bud
buds of wych elm with leaf scars