Tree idenitification buds 1/3

Tree Buds from Apple to Horsechestnut

apple bud
buds of apple are brown, pointed and massed
ash bud
buds of ash are conspicuous black and roundish
aspen bud
buds of quaking aspen are small, pointed and red-brown
balsam poplar bud
buds of balsam poplar are brown, pointed with a leaf scars at the branch.
beech bud
buds of beech are long and lathy and acuminate
birch bud
buds of birch are green to brown
bird cherry bud
bird cherries have two small, brown and pointed terminal buds
black poplar bud
buds of black poplar are brown. Branches with leaf scars.
boxelder bud
buds of boxelder are very small and oppositely arranged
carolina poplar bud
bud of carolina poplar are big, greenish and massed
cooper beech bud
buds of copper beech are long and lathy and acuminate
englisch oak budterminal buds of english oak are massed
alder bud
the shape of buds of european alder is significant. Color red-brown
field maple bud
the buds of field maple are small and brown.
ginkgo bud
buds of ginkgo are very characteristic.
goat willow bud
buds of goat willow are green to orange and oval.
grey poplar bud
buds of grey poplarr are green in summer and brown in winter.
hawthorn bud
buds of hawthorn are red and glossy
hornbeam bud
buds of hornbeam are small and brown.
honey locust bud
buds of honey locust are very small. The branches are very barky.